Tuition and Fees

Educational Costs for St. Joseph Catholic School 

2020-2021 Kindergarten-8th Grade Tuition Rates


K-8 Tuition for Parishioners:

$3,850 per family/year 

Tuition for Non-Parishioners:

    $4,800 for 1st child

          $5,600 for 2 children

          $6,300 for 3 children or more


Registration fees include:

                        General fee                                          $175/child

                        Student Services fee                           $150/family

                        Technology fee                                   $125/family

                       PTO fee                                               $30/family

                                                                              Graduation fee                         $15/8th graders only

                                 Band fee                                    $160/band student



Hot grade A lunches are available for $2.95*/day. *Per state stipulations

Adult lunches are now $3.60/day.

To keep in compliance with the USDA School Lunch Program, the Chef Salad meal is being upgraded.The salad will be on a three week cycle. The first week we will offer our normal Chef Salad. The second week will be a Chicken Strip Salad with 3 chicken strips included with salad. The third week will be a Taco salad with taco meat and chips. The salad option will still be available on Tues. Wed. & Thurs. A la carte items include: Juice $.50, Extra Entrée $1.75, Water $.75 and side items for 8th graders are $.60. 

Federal Full Non Discrimination Statement 


Afterschool Care:

Supervised childcare is available until 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $7/day per child

All family balances must be paid in full by June 1st unless families are set up on auto pay through the parish or private arrangements are made with the pastor/principal.


Tuition Assistance


St. Joseph Catholic School uses state income guidelines to provide a fair, impartial, and objective analysis regarding

a family’s need for financial aid to determine award sources and amounts.

The application process includes the following steps:

  1. Complete an application in the school office
  2. Return the completed application and copy of page 1 and 2 of your preceding 1040 tax return by May 15, 2020
  3. The application is processed by the principal.
  4. State income guidelines are used to determine eligibility for School Choice Scholarship and SGO awards.
  5. Upon approval, financial awards are communicated to school families for that school year.