Tuition Voucher Information

St. Joseph School is a participating partner in the school choice scholarship program. For information about this program or how to enroll at St. Joseph through the school choice program, please contact Kelsey Meier at the school office (812-963-3335) or

The state of Indiana initiated the School Choice Program during the 2011-12 academic year. St. Joseph School and all of our affiliated Catholic elementary schools are approved School Choice participants. The Legislature created two scholarships within the program. The School Choice Scholarship is an award from the state in which the per-student state funding is granted to the approved private school of your choice. The second type of scholarships are awards given by a state approved Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). SGO scholarships may vary in amount. The Scholarship Granting Organizations are solely dependent on contributions from private individuals in order to fund scholarship awards.  St.  Joseph School offers both of these scholarships to potential students and families.


To be eligible the student must live in Indiana and be accepted to a participating Choice Scholarship School. St. Joseph School is an approved School Choice participants.

SCHOOL CHOICE SCHOLARSHIP from the State of Indiana

There are eight different tracks to be eligible for the School Choice Program. All pathways also have income guidelines. The pathways are listed below:

     1.  Previous Choice Scholarship Student Track

     2.  Previous SGO Track

     3.  Special Education  Track

     4.  Foster Child Track

     5.  Two Semesters in a Public School Track

     6.  Sibling Track

     7.  Pre-K Track

     8.  "F" Public School Track

Previous Choice Scholarship Student Track

The student received a Choice Scholarship in a preceeding school year, including a school year that does not immediately precede the school year for which the student is applying for a Choice Scholarship.


Previous Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) Award Track

The student received an SGO Scholarship in a previous school year, including a school year that does not immediately precede the school year for which the student is applying for a Choice Scholarship.  The approved SGO for St. Joseph is Institute for Quality Education, Inc.


Special Education Track

The student has a disability that requires special education services

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) has been developed for the student under IC 20-35 or a Service Plan (SP) has been developed under 511 IAC 7-34

*Please note that a 504 or Accommodation Plan does not meet the above criteria for qualification.


Foster Child Track

A student must be placed in foster care, as defined in IC 31-9-2-46.7.  The child's placement must be supported by a letter from a Department of Child Services (DCS) case worker that is signed and dated during the current calendar year.

Foster children are automatically income eligible for the Choice Scholarship Program and do not require household size and income.  Supporting documentation of foster care must be provided at the time of application.


Two Semesters in Public School Track

The student was enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12 in a public school, including a charter school, in Indiana for at least two semesters immediately preceeding the first semester for which the individual receives a Choice Scholarship.


Sibling Track

The sibling of the newly applying student received either a Choice Scholarship or an SGO Scholarship in a previous school year, including a school year that does not immediately precede the school year for which the student is applying for a Choice Scholarship.


Pre-K Track

The student received and used an Early Education Grant under IC 12-17.2-7.2 to attend pre-K at an eligible Choice School; and

The student is applying for a Choice Scholarship at the same Choice school in which they attended pre-K with an Early Education Grant


"F" Public School Track

The student would be required to attend a specific public school based on his/her residence that has been assigned an "F" grade.  The list of "F" schools for Choice Scholarship eligibility is posted prior to the beginning of the school year.


The scholarship amount will be the lesser of tuition and fees or the choice scholarship.  The household annual income should be not more than 300% of the amount required for the individual to qualify for the federal free or reduced price lunch program.  Family income limits are listed below and should be compared with previous years adjusted gross income through tax return documents.  Amount varies depending on the school district of residence.

Household Size 300% of Reduced Lunch Eligibility/ Annual Household Income Limit
1 $75,424.50
2 $101,620.50
3 $127,816.50
4 $154,012.50
5 $180,208.50
6 $206,404.50
7 $232,600.50
8 $258,796.50
9 $284,992.50

If there are more students approved for the School Choice Voucher than openings at any grade level, then a lottery will be held to determine the students that will enroll. To the view the lottery process, click the link below:

School Choice Scholarship Lottery Process

CHOICE SGO SCHOLARSHIP from Scholarship Granting Organization

(Our school is currently associated with the Institute for Quality Education, formerly Educational Choice Charitable Trust)

Student must live in Indiana

Students may be eligible in Kindergarten through Grade 12

Student is currently attending a private school or applying to a private school

Household annual income at or below 300% of free and reduced lunch guidelines (use income sheet above)

SGO Scholarship amounts will vary. Minimum award is $500.

St. Joseph School must approve all SGO scholarships. Families must complete the St. Joseph School Tuition Assistance Application. Families will be contacted regarding eligibility. The school will facilitate completing the SGO scholarship application online if needed.

If a private school student received a scholarship from a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO), then the student could be eligible for a School Choice Scholarship from the State for subsequent years at the approved private school.

Please contact Mrs. Kelsey Meier  or 812-963-3335, ext. 119 to begin the application process. Mrs. Meierwill help you determine potential eligibility and complete the necessary paperwork.


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