Mass Intentions

        It is a good and holy thing to remember our deceased relatives and friends. There is a book in the Sacred Heart Alcove (southwest corned of the church) near the votive candles, which contains all the names of the people of our parish who have died and the particular day on which they died.

       Each day at Mass we also remember the deceased relatives and friends of our parishioners. You are invited to submit these names and the particular day and Mass time at which you want to remember your loved ones. These names will appear in our weekly bulletin. There is no charge for this, but if you would like to make a memorial contribution to the parish in their name, you may do so. To submit mass intention requests, contact the parish secretary  and send the names you want to remember and the dates and time of Mass you want them to be remembered at (e.g.  Sunday, August 27th at the 10:30 am Mass) or call her at the parish office (812-963-3273) and give her this information

 Each week we list the particular intentions in the weekly bulletin.  Some people may have no idea what this is all about.  A little explanation is in order.

       On the inside first column of our weekly bulletin you will find the days and times of the week that we will be celebrating Mass and with this a list of names.  Here’s a recent example from the weekly bulletin for October 14th:


8:00 AM Leo Gumbel, Mary Lou Doyle, Mac Glaser

10:30 AM Anthony & Severina Martin, Gulielmus Angermeier (1858), Peter Born (1875), Sr. Placida O.S.F. (Anna Gumbel, 1889), John Reising (1959), Peter Reising (1977)

        “SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14” obviously refers to the particular day of the year.  “TWENTY-EIGHTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME” refers to the particular day we are celebrating in the Liturgical Year.  Sometimes you will see here the names of  saints, (e.g. Feast of St. Joseph on March 19th).  These are known  as feastdays and are a time to remember the particular saint.  The times  (8:00 AM  and 10:30 AM) refer to the times that Mass is being celebrated on that particular day.  The list of names that you find after this are names of people who have died that we want to pray for.  Sometimes you will see a date following the name.  These  are the  people from our parish who have died throughout the 162 year history of our parish.  The year  listed is the year of their death.  In the example above, “Gulielmus Angermeier” and “Peter Born” are two parishioners who died on October 27th, Guliellmus in 1858 and Peter in 1875.