Sister Parish in Vladivostok, Russa

         The mission of the Mary Mother of God Mission Society is to revive and serve the Holy Catholic Church in the Russian Far East. Our mission territory in Russia is centered on the city of Vladivostok, and we currently have five parishes staffed by three Latin rite  priests, Fr. Myron Effing, Fr. Daniel Maurer, and Fr. Sebastian D' Silva. Fr. Myron and Fr. Daniel are also establishing a new Order of Canons Regular.  Fr. Myron Effing is a son of St. Joseph Parish.  He has been here to talk with the people of St. Joe about his work in Russia.

        Parishioners are invited to give financial support through a special collection which is taken up on the fifth Sunday of the month in those months of the year that have five Sundays.

       Parishioners can also journey to Vladivostok, Russia on mission trips.


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