Family Religion Class


Our  Sunday Morning Religious Education Program involves the parents and children of our parish meeting together in a Family Formation Program..  This program is a family oriented program based on the teachings of the Catholic Faith that will help parents and children grow in faith together.  With parent involvement in catechesis of their children, education can be a great success.  This program puts parents in the front seat of their children’s education of the Catholic Faith.

      We have class once a month at St. Joseph School where the children  meet in their age-specific classroom to learn the topic of the month.  The parents  meet in another room and learn the same topic plus have adult discussions on a book study.  After our monthly gathering, parents and children  have take home lessons to learn and discuss as a family.  These lessons take only one hour a week; they are fun and easy to navigate, they bring the family together, they include booklets, games, and activities, and they encourage weekly Mass.  “The right and duty of parents to give education is essential, original and primary, and it is irreplaceable and incapable of being entirely delegated to others.” Familiaris Consortio, 36 

       If you have a child in 2nd grade, we will be offering additional weekly meetings in preparation for 1st Communion, as we approach that time.

 Contact  our Coordinators of Religious Education: Jessica Reckelhoff (812) 598-1151)  for more information.