Remembering Our Loved Ones

Next Sunday, at all the weekend masses, we will be having a special remembrance of all those who have died this past year.  It is a good and holy thing to pray for those who have died.  Not only do we want to remember them to the Lord, we also want to keep their spirit alive in our hearts by recalling them to mind.  One of the ways we have done this is by praying for them when we come together for Mass.  Many of you will remember this as  “having a Mass celebrated for a particular person.” Each week on the first inside column of our weekly bulletin you will find the days and times of the week that we will be celebrating Mass and with this a list of names.   

         How do we decide what names to list here?  First, each week when we prepare the bulletin, we automatically list all the names of the people who have died in the on the particular days  in the 175 year history of our parish .  The second way  is that these names appear is that people submit names of the loved ones they want to remember at Mass.  Everyone can submit these names.  In fact,  we’d like to encourage all of the people in our parish to do so.  All of us know members of our family who have died:  an aunt or uncle, a cousin, a grandparent or a child. We all have had friends who have died as well.  These are the people whose names you are invited to submit.  Even if your loved ones do not happen to have been a member of the Catholic Church, you are invited to share their names as well. 

     When you submit their names, it gives all of us a chance to pray with them and for them as well as praying for you.  This is what our church invites us to do—to remember the faithful departed, to pray for them to our God and to remember the gift they have been in our life.

      When you submit these names, we invite you also to list the particular day you want to remember them—perhaps their birthday, or wedding anniversary, or the day they died.   If you come to a particular Mass, you may want to ask that your loved ones be remembered at that particular time. 

     You can send the names through the collection, or by email at [email protected] or text me at 812-499-9074, whatever way works best for you.



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