Well another social is in the books.  And what a day it was!  We fried over a ton of chicken, made gallons and gallons of dumplings and dressing, mountains of slaw and cucumber salad, bowls full of corn, green beans and mashed potatoes and provided mouthwatering deserts for 2,279 people to enjoy. 

      We gave away quilts and beautiful handcrafted items from clocks to hand made outfits for dolls to a beautifully restored pedal tractor for children.  And then there were all the Bobcat Theme Baskets—lots of people went home happy as the winners.  The children enjoyed frolicking in bouncy houses and winning all manner of stuffed animals, goldfish and glassware.  And we gave all the adults a chance to win money at bingo, chuck-o-luck, half-pot tickets and the big money wheel where they were entertained by the stories of Jerry Spaetti and Amy Tenbarge!   And while people were waiting to win money they had the chance to enjoy peaches and ice cream and other ice cream treats, hamburgers, onion rings, fried pickles, pronto pups and pizza.  And they had the chance to quench their thirst with fresh lemonade and all sorts of soft drinks.  And not a calorie in any of this!

        We had a rain shower in the middle of the afternoon but that did not dampen our spirits as the social continued strong until the grand raffle drawing at  9 pm.  In the end, our preliminary gross receipts for the day were $73,286.60!  That total is over $5,500 more than last year, which was our previous record year.  It will take a few weeks before we get all the bills paid.  Look for a report in the September issue of The Carpenter.

        Thanks to all the folks who helped us get ready for the social, who worked the day of the social and especially those who came to help clean up on Monday.  It was a big job taking down the stands, putting all the tables and chairs away, cleaning the kitchen and lunch stand, putting all the social equipment away, and collecting all the social signs and putting them away.  The list goes on and on.  Once again there was a wonderful spirit of cooperation evident in all of these days.  That happens because people really care about our parish.  Thanks as well for the people who do all manner of “little extras” for the social.  These are the things that go unnoticed but are so essential to making our social a success.  You know who you are and we appreciate all that you do.

       Special thanks to Mark and Kelly Messal for the leadership role they have made in coordinating everything for the social.  What a great job they did! 


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