Finding God in the Ordinariness of Life

Want to enjoy a great chicken dinner?  Or how about buying some sausage?  If not that, how about some burgoo?   And by the way we have some barbecued ribs and Boston butts for sale as well.  And while you’re at it, why not buy a lottery ticket for our parish lottery!  And if that’s not enough,  come enjoy a steak dinner and help the Albion Fellows Bacon Center and the St. Vincent Day Care Center. 

     Does it feel a little overwhelming?  It gives a whole new meaning to coming to church to be fed!  All these are worthy causes.  Many of these projects benefit our parish community and involve lots of folks who spend considerable amounts of time on these efforts.  And I am happy to support them and to encourage others to do so as well.

      When we think about all this, It’s important to keep the big picture of being “church” in mind.  Being “church” is about finding God in the ordinariness of our lives, seeing God amidst the unending list of things we do each day.  Many of these things are routine and mundane—eating, sleeping, doing laundry, going to work.  God is here.  God is not “out there” or “up there.” 

      So, for us, God is present among us as we make sausage, burgoo, sell lottery tickets and all the other things that make up the day to day activities of  our parish life.  It is here that we will learn how to “love our neighbor as ourselves.”  It is here that we will learn how to care for others, to learn tolerance and patience.  And in all these ways we learn how to be “Jesus” to our world.  That’s what being holy, being Catholic is all about!



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