Rental of Parish Facilities


 General Information

  • As a convenience to our parishioners, St. Joseph Parish  makes several of  the facilities on the parish campus available for rent .  The fees that are  charged are intended to help pay for utilities and wear and tear on these facilities.

 Categories of Renters

  • Active Parishioners
  • Organizations that are affiliated with the Parish:  (e.g. Altar Society, Men’s Club, Knights of St. John , PTO,  Athletic Booster Club, SPRED)
  • Recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations, churches and educational institutions.  Proof of an organization’s tax status may be requested.
  • Members of the General Public

 Facilities Available for Rent

  • Meeting Room
  • Cafeteria
  • Multi-Purpose Building (Gym)

 Storage Space

  • No storage space will be provided as part of the standard rental agreement.

 How to Request Rental Space

  • Requests for rental of Parish Facilities are made by calling the Parish Office between the hours of 8:30-2:30 Monday through Friday. 
  • If the desired rental space is available, the user will fill out a Rental Agreement, provide the necessary insurance certificates , and pay the required rental fees. 
  • When payment for the rent is made, the necessary insurance certificates are provided, and the renter has met with the Parish Janitor to review  the lease agreement checklist,  the user will be given a key to the facility. 


  • If beer and wine is dispensed, it must be done in a manner that conforms to the requirements of the Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission . 
  • Open invitation events (events at which the general public is invited) such as a New Year’s Eve Party, Valentine Dance require an Alcoholic-Beverage Permit for the event and provision of service by licensed bartenders.  Setups to facilitate consumption of hard liquor brought in by attendees at “open events” are not permitted by Indiana Law.  Also, beer kegs and wine bottles that are not attended  to by licensed bartenders at “open events” are not permitted.  (i.e. people are not permitted to bring wine or beer or hard liquor to a dance or wedding reception.
  • Whenever alcohol (beer and wine) is served either at a parish sponsored event (New Year’s Eve Dance) or at an event such as a wedding reception,  a licensed bartender is needed.  WE ASK THAT PEOPLE USE A LICENSED CATERER WHO HAS A LICENSE TO DISPENSE ALCOHOL.
  • In addition, personal functions (e.g.  wedding reception or anniversary reception) at which alcohol is  served require separate insurance to be provided by the user.  This insurance coverage can be provided through an individual’s homeowners insurance or can be purchased for the particular event.  This provides insurance protection for the individual renting the facility as well as our parish.
  • A Single Event Lease Agreement will need to be filled out before the renter will be given a key to the facilities.  A COPY OF THIS EVENT COVERAGE IS INCLUDED.
  • The Certificate of Liability Insurance must include the following:
    • “The Insurance Policy Represented by this Certificate is primary, not subject to an “other insurance” clause, for bodily injury, property damage and/or loss of use resulting from or related to the insured party’s agreement with the Diocese of Evansville.”  and

    • “Bishop Charles Thompson, His Successor Bishops, agents and employees are additionally insured parties on this policy.  Any insurance coverage by the diocese, if applicable, is “excess coverage” only.”

 Additional Needs for Insurance Certification

  • Non-parishioners who rent any parish facilities are required to  provide an separate certificate for Liability Insurance.  This applies to all events, whether alcohol is served or not.

 Rental Rates  (Clean-up Fee is included in the rental rates for the Cafeteria and Multi-purpose Building only, all Hourly rentals are cleaned up by the renter.)



























  •  The cafeteria may be rented for $20/hour (Parishioner), $30/hour non-parishioner for such things as wedding rehearsal dinners, baby showers when the number of people attending such events is 30 people or less. 

 Damage to Facilities

  • If there is any damage to parish property or facilitates which occurs during the time a person has rented any parish facilities, it will be the responsibility of the renter to pay for any such damage.

 Room Setup

  • Realizing that the spaces available for rent or being used by the parish for a multitude of uses, the parish will work with the users to provide them time to set up for their particular event.  Setup for events will have to be worked around all normal parish activities.]

 Fee Waiver

  • Fee Waivers may be granted in cases where the rental fee would prohibit offering a unique and beneficial service that furthers the mission of St. Joseph Parish and its status as a member of the St. Joe Community.  Fee waivers are granted at the discretion of  St. Joseph Parish on a booking-by-booking basis.

Catering Food

  • While it is permitted to have outside groups cater events, these catering groups are not permitted the use of any kitchen facilities to prepare food, serve food or clean up dishes and cooking utensils.  Catering groups must assume that there are no facilities available for their use and must plan their services accordingly.
  • St. Joseph Parish has a group of  people who will cater meals for groups wishing to rent our facilities.  They are capable of preparing full course meals (fried chicken and all the trimmings)   as well as other types of meals.  We encourage our parishioners and non parishioners who happen to be renting our facilities for  such things as a wedding reception, anniversary party, to take advantage of this opportunity.  Call Imogene Baehl  (963-5221) for prices and information about  meals.    

 Meeting with the Parish Secretary Prior to Rental of  the Facilities

  • Before the renter uses the parish facilities, they need to meet with the Parish Secretary who will explain  review with them the following items:

 Renters are allowed to use the walk-in cooler and the use of ice from our ice machine

  • Tables and Chairs are provided for use in the cafeteria and in the multi-purpose room.  If  tables and chairs from the cafeteria are used in the multi-purpose room, it is the renters responsibility to return them to their proper place.
  • The renter will be shown where the light fixtures can be turn on and any other necessary information regarding heat and air-conditioning.
  • Renters are given a key to the parish facility.  If they are having food and/or other items delivered for their particular event, it is their responsibility to make arrangements with these vendors to make sure they can get into the facility to deliver items AND to pick them up.  If you are renting items used for decorations  (pillars, candelabras, etc) arrangements must be made so that these items are removed before school resumes.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to clean-up any major spills that might occur during an event (e.g. someone spills a coke or beer on the floor).  A bucket of water and mop will be provided for such emergencies.
  • At the end of the renter’s event, the renter is responsible for clearing trash from all tables and placing this trash in the boiler room.  Trash bags will be provided for this.
  • Before the renter leaves after their event, they need to check the parking lot and pick up any trash that may have been left there.
  • Renters are reminded that when they are only allowed the use of the particular room they have rented.  (e.g. if they have rented the cafeteria, they and their guests are not allowed to use the multi-purpose building —even if no one else is in there)

 St . Joseph Parish will be the final determiner for any questions arising from the rental of parish facilities